About us


We Will Rise Foundation (WWRF) has been registered with the Government of Nepal as a non-profit organization since October 2015. After the devastating natural disaster [Earthquake] in Nepal, WWRF has actively been involved in different social activities named ” We will Rise -हामी उठ्ने छौं ” campaign.

We Will Rise Foundation (WWRF) aims to create a global network between Nepalese residing in different part of the world to create strong bonds between Nepali Diaspora populations. The spirit of  ” We will Rise -हामी उठ्ने छौं ” is to be united for the Nation wherever we live.

Our mission is all about:

“It’s all about unity, peace & solidarity for the Nation”.


The main objective of WWRF is to foster and further strengthen the bonds of love, affection and cooperative spirits among the Nepalese people both at home and abroad to contribute in the nation building process as much possible. Besides social work, WWRF also aims to motivate and encourage people from different fields to participate in nation building process.

“Let’s be united wherever we live.”

Future plan of  WWRF

WWRF is now officially recognized organization with objectives to promote national pride, culture and unity both at home and abroad. With accomplishments enumerated as above, WWRF is now slated to become a fully operational NGO with the objectives of promoting national interests. With suitable activities both at home and abroad, WWRF aims to develop a strong strand of camaraderie and cooperative attitudes among Nepalese nationals wherever they live.

Their pious objectives are to help the poor victims of the earthquake hit areas. However, they are also longing to extend possible assistance to other downtrodden and marginalized people  like orphans, single mothers, disabled and who are in real need of assistance. Women’s empowerment remains their another important objective in the long run.

WWRF, within a short span,  has snowballed into a viable force to reckon with for pro-Nepal and pro-Nepalese activities.  It’s activities are being well received and noticed by Nepalese and foreigners alike. Demands are coming from different countries to host WWRF programs.  Promotion of brotherhood and unity among Nepalese as well as to promote synergy for national  development remain lofty goals of WWRF.

Without any linkages to the thoughts of caste, creed, language and cultural backgrounds, WWRF takes all Nepalese as a single entity and wishes to contribute for overall national development by undertaking suitable activities in future.

WWRF is being supported by the people from different walks of life. Their contribution has made it possible to accomplish activities for which WWRF remains obliged

WWRF’s activities has given a strong message and urge to the Nepalese people at home and abroad to make contribution for national development. It’s horizon of activities are not confined rather spread broadly to promote  prominent social areas like  education, health, sports and in many others.

The motto of WWRF to Nepali people “let’s be united wherever we live” is more than appealing. Although Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-linguistic country yet the hallmark is the cohesiveness and harmonious way of life with peace and unity above all.