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Our Initiations

  • Dinesh D.C., Film Director and Program Presenter

    We Will Rise campaign is spirit to further strengthen the spirit of brotherhood, cooperative spirits and nationalism. This is an extremely positive idea to rise above  ethnicity, religion and cultural backgrounds.    

  • Jiblal Sapkota, Professor Central Dept of English, TU

    WWRF, an organization of young enthusiasts of having vision, virtue, value and voice, is devoted to uplift Nepal on the sunlit path of peace, progress and prosperity.    

  • Karishma Manandhar, Actress

    Although Nepalese live in different quarters of the world, but our mind is purely Nepali. I have found that Nepalese diasmpora hold much affection towards our motherland. Accordingly, We Will Rise campaign must have an appealing effect among all Nepalese.    

  • Mohan Krishna Shrestha, Former Ambassaador of Nepal to France and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO

    We Will Rise campaign, in view of its activities, will fuel the fire of camaraderie, cooperation, nationalism  among Nepalese, both at home and abroad,   in coming days. The bevy of youths who initiated this campaign needs to be encouraged and extolled.    

  • Bhushan Dahal, Popular TV Program Presenter

    We  Nepalese have tumbled down due to our own domestic political turmoils. Besides, other natural calamities have also knocked us down. We thought after the promulgation of our new constitution, but unjustifiable blockade imposed by our big neighbor, again, put us in difficulty. Due to such reasons, we have had go down time and again. Against this backdrop, We Will Rise campaign is quite encouraging.

  • Komal Oli, Singer

    In view of our nationalism and political scenario, this We Will Rise campaign should have been born quite earlier. I am sure, this campaign will serve as an encouragement for all we Nepalese to advance.

  • Rajesh Hamal, Actor

    There is more similarities than dissimilarities among Nepalese. This fuels the fire of nationalism among us. We Will Rise campaign is serving as a pool among the Nepalese diaspora that they must do all possible for the motherland.    

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